Fan Videos

A place for all the Jane Eyre related music fan videos I love to make. :)

JE/"Bliss" by Muse
Rochester falling in love

JE/"Falling Away With You" by Muse
After the wedding. I used clips from the different adaptations

JE/"Home" by Morgan James
Jane realizes she needs to be back at Thornfield.

JE/"A Lonely Decision" by Murray Gold
The story in 3 1/2 minutes

JE/"Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris
A retrospective of eight adaptations.

JE/"Decode" by Paramore
Jane trying to figure Mr. Rochester out. (and vice versa)

JE/"Miss Chatelaine" by K.D. Lang
A short video. The joy of first love. This is mostly the engagement.

JE/as a silent movie
Because I loved "The Artist" and especially the song "In The Stairs" from the film, I had a little fun putting this scene from Jane Eyre to the song, and seeing how the scene played out as a silent movie.

JE/"In the Still of the Night" by Rebecca Luker
Jane Eyre 1973 vid with Jane exploring her feelings for Rochester.

JE/"The Scientist" & "God If I Saw Her Now"
Multi-adaptation video that explores Rochester's and Jane's POV after the interrupted wedding and Jane's leaving.