Jane Eyre 1934

Virginia Bruce, Colin Clive

"Uncle Edward" -Adele

"Her foot's caught" -Jane, Rochester

"You must never deceive me again" -Jane

"You want me, you know you do." -Jane

This is the first talkie version of "Jane Eyre" and I think has the rather unfortunate timing to have come out during the Great Depression. For that is the only reason I can think of for making the story so cheery and sweet. Gone are moral ambiguities and dilemmas. Adele is Rochester's niece, and Rochester is in the process of divorcing his mild-mannered and slightly mad first wife. Even Mr. Rochester is charming and affable (and quite obviously in love with Jane from the start); you don't have to work hard to like him.

Jane herself is quite spunky and has no trouble expressing anything she is feeling. I find it funny how she calls out Mr. Rochester on everything. No wonder he is pretty straightforward with her. And Jane is acknowledged to be young and pretty in the movie- interesting since so many adaptations in later years get beautiful actresses to play Jane and then pretend they are plain.

I think because this version lightens the story so much, one can't take it too seriously as an adaptation of "Jane Eyre".