Jane Eyre 1957

Joan Elam, Patrick MacNee

"Not so gentle sometimes, like a bear sometimes." -Adele

"He's unpredictable. Unsettled. Like a storm." -Mrs. Fairfax

This adaptation is much fun. It's just... so weird. The interpretation of the novel is so bad, it's like the writer was making fun of "Jane Eyre." Jane is preachy and spiritual to the extreme. She doesn't have a care for herself but just wants to help Mr. Rochester in any way she can. Which Mr. Rochester must be glad of since she excuses his lecherous advances on her because he drinks (alot apparently) and because he has had a troubled past. But after Rochester has tried to take advantage of Jane, he does fall in love with her and it's cute how much attention he pays to her during his house party. Which gives Blanche a chance to be ridiculously catty.

Mason also gets interesting things to do in this adaptation. He doesn't get quietly stabbed and bitten on the third floor- no he crashes down some stairs during the house party, bleeding and terrified. A supremely Gothic moment. And when Jane agrees to marry Rochester, Mason sort of slides into view and is all 'I don't think so.' Mason has some attitude. The script for the adaptation is just over the top- down to little Adele scrabbling in the ashes for a toy when Jane finds her in the end after (a really quick) fire.

For an "interesting" way of looking at the story of "Jane Eyre", this adaptation scores high marks.