The Enthusiast's Guide to Jane Eyre is an informative website about Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontė. I'm a huge fan of the novel and have spent more time than I should looking up everything I could about it. My goal with this website is to catalogue all the things I've found, with a focus on different film, radio, book and theatre adaptations. This is not a comprehensive look at the novel and it's development and themes (there are tons of books that do a great job with that!). I see this website as more of a way for people who love the novel and the story to find out more about different, esoteric aspects of the book. I hope to keep this website growing with more informative, fun and interesting tidbits. Thank you for visiting!

Note: This website was previously called The Enthusiast's Guide to Jane Eyre Adaptations, but I decided to drop the last word so that I can also include information and thoughts about the novel itself on the site..

This is a fan video I made using clips from Jane Eyre 2011- it's a really quick visual run through of the story, with a focus on the romance of course! I really loved putting clips of this visually stunning film to an equally stunning orchestral piece.