Radio & Audio Adaptations

1931, 1940 BBC

Milton Rosmer
adapted by Barbara Couper and Howard Rose

1946 BBC

Belle Crystal
Reginald Tate
adapted by Barbara Couper and Howard Rose
Probably the same version as the 1931 and 1940 series.

27 June 1938 Lux Radio Theater

Helen Hayes
Robert Young

18 September 1938 Mercury Theater

Alice Frost
Orson Welles

31 March 1940 Campbell Playhouse

Madeline Carroll
Orson Welles

2 March 1941 Screen Guild Theater

Bette Davis
Brian Aherne

26 December 1943 Weird Circle

Cast unknown
My review

13 February 1944 Radio Hall of Fame

Joan Fontaine
Fredric March
My review

5 June 1944 Lux Radio

Loretta Young
Orson Welles

3 December 1944 Matinee Theater

Gertrude Warner
Victor Jory [download]

28 June 1946 Mercury Theater

Orson Welles

22 November 1947 Favorite Story

Peggy Webber
William Conrad
My review

14 June 1948 Lux Radio Theater

Ingrid Bergman
Robert Montgomery
My review

3 April 1949 NBC University Theater

Deborah Kerr
Whitfield Connor

25 October 1950 Family Theater

Donna Reed
Vincent Price
My review

Story Lady

short humourous rendering

Playhouse of Famous Authors (Aust.) ep 28

Cast unknown

1965 "Jana Eyrová"

Slovak Radio, Slovak Republic
Jane: Zdena Grúberová
Rochester: Ctibor Filčík.
Adaptation: Eva Rajecká
Director: Viera Weidlerová

1972 BBC Radio 4 serial

Meg Wynn Owen
Patrick Allen
[Download: 1 2 3 4 5]

1972 Dramatized audiobook

Claire Bloom
Anthony Quayle

1977 February 23 CBS Radio Mystery

Patricia Elliot
Arnold Moss

1994 August 21 BBC Radio 4 Serial

Sophie Thompson
Ciaran Hinds

2003 October Oasis Family Listening

Samantha Eggar
Michael York
2 CD dramtized reading

2011 October 7 Sveriges Radio- Radioteatern

Julia Dufvensis
Sven Ahlstrom
Translated by Gun-Britt Sundström
Dramatization by Martina Montelius
[download] (in Swedish)

2016 Feb/March BBC Radio 4 Jane Eyre- 15 Minute Drama

Amanda Hale
Tom Burke
Adapted by Rachel Joyce - adapted into 10 episodes, each 15 minutes in length
Available to buy on Amazon