Musical Adaptations

Jane Eyre: The Musical (Sharper/Stevens)

Original Cast Recording from the Broadway Theatre Production, London
Track listing:
Thirty Pounds a Year
One Summer Sunday/I'm Never Going to Marry
One Summer Sunday
Invitation to Dance
Growing Pains
New Years Eve
Nowhere to Go
Auld Lang Syne
Perfect Marriage
If You Would Like to Sing
Feminine Logic
One Summer Sunday
Love Came By
Xmas Hymn
Home Is Where Your Heart Is
Very Reverend Rivers
Happily Married

Jane Eyre the Musical (Caird/Gordon)

Original Broadway Cast Recording from 2000 with Marla Schaffel and James Barbour.
Track listing:
The Orphan
Children of God
The Graveyard
Sweet Liberty
Secrets of the House
Act One: Perfectly Nice
Act One: As Good As You
Secret Soul
Finer Things
The Pledge
Things Beyond This Earth
Painting Her Portrait
In the Light of the Virgin Morning
The Gypsy
The Proposal
Slip of a Girl
Sirens (Reprise)
Farewell, Good Angel
My Maker
The Voice Across the Moors
Poor Sister
Brave Enough for Love

Watch clips from it's run in Witcita, KS
Watch clips of the musical in Dutch

Jane Eyre: A New Musical (Malthanar/Corritore)

Track Listing:
Graveyard Sequence #1
Where Do I Belong?
Lowood School
Lowood School Round
I'll Stay With You
How Much Can We Learn?
Graveyard Sequence #2
Farewell Lowood
Behind Closed Doors #1
Adele's Welcome
Behind Closed Doors #2
My Days With Celine
Soliloquies #1
A Servant Earns His Keep
Let Every Man Rejoice
Behind Closed Doors #3
Soliloquies #2
Wherever You Are Is Home
Wedding March
No More To Hide
Memories of Thornfield
Set Her Free
St. John Is The Man
Look To Your Heart
Wherever You Are Is Home (reprise)

Jane Eyre - The Musical (York/Williams)

Recorded live at Hale Centre Theatre with Jennie Whitlock as Jane and Mark Gollaher as Rochester
I don't have a proper track listing for this musical, so I just made titles up:
Track Listing:
I Believe
To Be Free
When I Was Green
Something Here
Something Here (reprise)
Between the Lines
Put Everything In It's Place
Miss Wilson
She Can Not Charm Him
Wild Boy
The Moors Are A'Callin
The Rivers
I Need A Missionary Wife

After the Paul Gordon version, this is my favourite musical version of "Jane Eyre".

Jane Eyre the Musical (Thompson/Skousen/Kirkpatrick)

Track Listing:
Mr. Reed's Spirit
Kingdom of Spirits
Kingdom of Spirits (reprise)
I Am An Arrow
Firsthand (reprise)
Just Like A Woman
Bird in a Cage (reprise of "Kingdom of Spirits")
Secret Glances
Gala Affair
No Greater Jewel
No Greater Fool (reprise of "No Greater Jewel")
Gypsy Part 1
Gypsy Part 2
Mrs. Poole's Presence (reprise of "Mr. Reed's Spirit")
Begin Again
Never Before
Sever Them
Secrets and Lies
Secrets and Lies (reprise)
One Love, Two Hearts
Begin Again / I Am An Arrow (reprise)
Morton / No Place For Me
Answer the Call
You're All I Need
Two Hearts, One Love (reprise of "One Love, Two Hearts")

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Jane Eyre, The Musical Classic (Doyle/Harris)

Track listing:
Things That Go Bump in the Night
The Golden Rule
There's A Place That's Better
My Love Lies Waiting
Feel My Heart
The Important Things in Life
Pretty, Pretty Light
Nearly Mine
Lullaby (Reprise)
You Were With Me Then
All The World's Gold
She's Who I Am
Tangled Road
New Horizons
You Were With Me Then (Reprise)

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Jane Eyre- The Musical (Ruth Nunn/Jeremy Gibson)

Track listing:
This is My Life
Plain Jane
Another Day Dawns
Angel of Light
Angel of Light
ake a Look at Her Now
Assist Me
Paving Hell with Energy
One Two is Two
Love Duet
La Vie est Bonne
Farewell Dear Master
Final Love Duet

28 songs in total

Jane Eyre Opera (Michael Berkeley)

Andrew Slater (Bass - Mr. Rochester)
Natasha Marsh (Soprano - Jane Eyre)
Emily Bauer-Jones (Alto - Mrs. Rochester)
Beverly Mills (Soprano - Mrs. Fairfax)
Fflur Wyn (Soprano - Adele)

Composed by Michael Berkeley and conducted by Michael Rafferty

Track Listing:
Silence, Quietness
I Am Expected, I Think
I Can Sing You Know, Miss Eyre
Ah, Miss Eyre, There You Are
And Are There Those In This House Who Love Me?
Mr Rochester, You Are Hurt
Jane, Did You See No One, Jane?
Listen! Listen!
Listen Now, Listen, I Will Tell You A Story
But I Know This Story
Silence, Quietness
Jane, My Dear, It Has Come
Goodnight, Goodnight
Mrs Rochester's Wordless Singing
Beautiful, So Beautiful
Listen, Jane. Hear The Rest Of My Tale
Silence, Silence
Jane! Jane! Where Are You My Angel?
Jane. Jane. Is It Really You?

Mainly focuses on the Thornfield part of the story.