Capturing "Jane Eyre"

In my reviews of these adaptations, I wanted to highlight what made each interesting (the good, the bad, and the ugly) in addition to giving an opinion on the overall production. Hopefully people who may not have seen a particular version will get an idea of what to expect from the review. Of course I'm not partial, and I really am not an expert on adaptations, Jane Eyre, writing reviews, etc. I'm just a really big fan of the novel and interested in all incarnations of the story. I think adapting a novel must be a very hard job so I try to appreciate something in every Janian adaptation.

Not that appreciating something about every adaptation is easy, especially when there is something that seems very out of character or makes unnecessary changes to the story. Staying true to the novel makes any adaptation the best in my opinion. What stays true to the spirit of the novel is open to alot of debate however, so I hope not to dissuade anyone from watching any version!

"Perhaps there never will be a flawless adaptation of a Bronte novel. It may be best to find a Heathcliff here, a Jane there, and consider them part of the great, ongoing mosaic that is the Bronte family genius."

- from "CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK; As Cameras Whir, The Bronte Novels Come Into Focus" by Caryn James, 1997