Theatrical Productions

1848 Jane Eyre, or the Secrets of Thornfield Manor

Adapted by John Courtney
This play was referred to in letters from Charlotte Bronte to William Smith Williams.

1849 Jane Eyre

Drama in Five Acts by John Brougham
Performed in New York with Miss Wemys and Mr. J. Gilbert and revised in 1856 with Laura Keene as Jane.
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1854 Die Waise Von Lowood

Adapted by Charlotte Birch-Pfeiffer and performed in New York in German.

1866 Jane Eyre

Adapter unknown
Performed in St. Louis Olympic Theatre, in October.

1870 Jane Eyre or the Orphan of Lowood

Adapted by Charlotte Birch-Pfeiffer, English version of her German play.
Performed by Mme. Marie Seebach and her dramtic company in New York.

1871 Jane Eyre, or the Orphan of Lowood

English adapation by Clifton W. Tayleure, of Charlotte Birch-Pfeiffer's German version.

1874 Jane Eyre

Adapted by J.S. Houghton

1876 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Anna Dickinson

1879 Jane Eyre

Adapted by T. H. Paul
A drama in 3 acts

1882 Jane Eyre

Adapted by W. G. Willis
Mrs. Bernard Breere as Jane Eyre.

1883 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Charlotte Thompson
Thompson played Jane in Tayleure's version in New York, Boston, and Buffalo.

1888 Jane Eyre or Poor Relations

Adapted by James Willing, J.T. Douglass, and Leonard Rae.

1909 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Miron Leffingwell
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1920 The Master of Thornfield

Adapted by Rose Bachelis Shomer and Miriam Shomer-Zunser

1926 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Phyllis Birkett

1936 Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte: A Dramatisation in Three Acts

Adapted by Marjorie Chalmers Carleton

1936 Jane Eyre: A Drama of Passion in Three Acts

Adapted by Helen Jerome
Original U.K. production had Curigwen Lewis as Jane and Reginald Tate as Rochester and Dorothy Hamiliton as "The Maniac". This production was later aired on British television in 1937
U.S. stage production featured Katharine Hepburn as Jane

1944 The Master of Thornfield

Adapted by Dorothy Brandon
British production with Rosalinde Fuller as Jane and Henry Edwards as Rochester

1945 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Jane Kendall

1955 Jane Eyre

Joan Swift as Jane and Desmond Hettle as Rochester
by the Dewsbury Pioneers Amateur Operatic Society

1958 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Huntington Hartford

1959 Jane Eyre, A Play from the Novel by Charlotte Bronte

Adapted by Constance Cox

1964 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Brian Tyler

1972 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Joan E. Morgan
Jill Hopwood as Jane and Leonard McDonald as Rochester

1973 Jane Eyre

Adapted by John Cannon
Jacquie Dubin as Jane, Charles McKeown as Rochester

1978 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Lionel Hamilton

1978 Jane Eyre

Directed by Kazue Kontaibo
Japanese play

1983 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Christopher Martin

1983 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Charles Vance

1984 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Jonathan Myerson
Jenny Seagrove as Jane

1985 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Sheila Haughey

1985 The Childhood of Jane Eyre

Adapted by Sylvia Wharton

1986 Jane Eyre

Adapted and directed by Peter Coe

1986 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Fay Weldon

1988 Shadow in the Glass

Adapted by Valerie Lucas and David Cottis
based on Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea

1988 Young Jane Eyre

An adaptation of the first nine chapters of "Jane Eyre", adapted by Marisha Chamberlain
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1989 Jane Eyre

Adapted and directed by Annette Marten

1989 Jane Eyre

Adapted and directed by Judy Yordon

1990 More Than One Antoinette

Adapted by Debbie Shewell
Combines Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea

1991 The Haunting of Jane Eyre

Loki Theatre Co-operative
Combines Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea

1991 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Timothy Madigan

1991 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Christina Calvit

1992 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Willis Hall

1992 Lowood

Adapted by Margaret Schooling

1993 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Nick Jones

1992 Jane Eyre

First performed in October of 1992, this is a one woman show adapted and performed by Lisa Hayes.
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1997 Jane Eyre

Adapted and directed by Polly Teale

1998 Jane Eyre: a dramatization

Adapted by Robert Johanson
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2002 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Julie Beckham
Directed by David Crowe
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2007 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Zsótér Sándor
Hungarian play More information

2007 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Alan Stanford
Directed by John Miller-Stephany
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Feb. 2008 Jane Eyre

Adapted by N. G. McClernan
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April 2011 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Amber Miller

November 2011 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Martina Montelius.
Translation by Jana Hallberg
Directed by Brigitte Obermeier
With: Jens Gärtner, Martin Hanns, Horst Kiss, Brigitte Obermeier, Johanna Trahndorff, Luise Weber
Presented by" Theater Sommerhaus -Sommerhausen, Bavaria, Germany

May 2013 Jane Eyre: An Autobiography

Adapted by Daniel Kramer
An Available Light Theatre production

Jan-April 2013 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Laura Turner
Presented by Hull Truck Theatre
Cast of three plays all the characters
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April 2013 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Bryony J. Thompson

April 2013 Jane Eyre

Adapted by Julie Beckman
Starring Sarah Cannon and Shaun Sheley
Mustard Seed Theatre production

May 2013 Jane Eyre, A Memory, A Fever, A Dream

Adapted by Daniel Elihu Kramer
Presented by Available Light Theatre

August 2013 Jane Eyre

Shanghai Ballet Company
Director: Xin Lili
Writer: Yu Rongjun,
Choreographer Patrick de Bana

February 2014 Jane Eyre

Bristol Old Vic
A presentation in two parts
Director: Sally Cookson
Jane: Madeleine Worrall
Rochester: Felix Hayes

June 2014 "Jane Eyrová"

Těšinske divadlo, Česky Těšiň, Czech Republic
Jane: Adéla Krulikovská
Rochester: Zdenek Hrabal
Directing and adaptation: Simona Nyitrayová