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Welcome to my outlet for my obsession with Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre". Here you can find a catalogue of the many film, radio, book, and theatre adaptations, reviews of all the film adaptations one can possibly get their hands on, and video content to do a little on site comparison between adaptations. There is also information on the actors and actresses to have played Jane and Rochester and lastly, the links page highlights some informative, interesting or fun websites that can help you carry on obsessing about "Jane Eyre."

Updated 15 March 2014
Updated Book adaptations and added another video I made to the Fan Videos page. View the video here on Vimeo!

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Another fan video for Jane Eyre 2011- a really quick visual run through of the story, with a focus on the love story of course! I really loved putting clips of this visually stunning film to an equally stunning orchestral piece.

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Which is your favorite "Jane Eyre" adaptation?
1934 Virginia Bruce
1944 Joan Fontaine
1970 Susannah York
1973 Sorcha Cusack
1983 Zelah Clarke
1996 Charlotte Gainsbourg
1997 Samantha Morton
2006 Ruth Wilson
2011 Mia Wasikowska
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