Jane Eyre (Or, Listening to Prozac)

from Frankly Scarlett, I Do Give a Damn! by Beverly West and Nancy K. Peske, 1996

Miss Mix by Ch--l--tte Br--nte

A condensed novel by by Bret Harte, 1867

Shrinklits- "Jane Eyre"

by Maurice Sagoff, 1980 A short poem parody.

How to Become Ridiculously Well-Read in One Evening - Jane Eyre

A collection of Literary Enscapulations by E.O. Parrott/ by Tim Hopkins, 1985

Texts from Jane Eyre

from Texts from Jane Eyre by Mallory Ortberg, 2014

Prairie Schooner - Jane Eyre

by Maureen Seaton and Denise Duhamel, 1997