Film and Television Adaptations

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Patsy Stoneman's "Bronte Transformations"

Jane Eyre (1909)

Italian silent film

Jane Eyre (1910)

Italian silent film
Director: Mario Caseini

Jane Eyre (1910)

Irma Taylor (Jane Eyre)
Frank Crane (Mr. Rochester)
Amelia Barleon
Alphonse Ethier
Wm Garwood
Director: Theodore Marston

Jane Eyre (1914)

Ethel Grandin (Jane Eyre)
Irving Cummings (Mr. Rochester)
Miss Hazeltone
Howard Crompton
Jane Gail
Director: George Loane Tucker

Jane Eyre (1914)

Alberta Roy (Jane Eyre)
Lisbeth Blackstone
Mary Frye Clements
Viola Allen Frayne
Mary Moore
Valery Sheahan
Mrs. Middleton
Harrish Ingraham
Edwin Brandt
John Charles
F.E. Nevin
Emile LaCroix
Director: Martin J. Faust
(film ends with Jane saving a blind Rochester from a precipice!)

Jane Eyre (1914)

Lisbeth Blackstone
John Charles

The Castle of Thornfield (1915)

Italian film

Jane Eyre (1915)

Louise Vale (Jane Eyre)
Alan Hale (Mr. Rochester)
Franklin Ritchie
Gretchen Hartman
Hector V. Sarno
Director: Travers Vale

Jane Eyre (1915)

Richard Tucker

Jane Eyre (1915)

Conway Teale

Jane Eyre (1915)

Percy Haswell

The Master of Thornfield (1915)

Jane Eyre (1915)

Kate Bruce
Hector Barrington

Jane Eyre (1915)

Louise Vale
Franklin Ritchie

Le memorie di una istitutrice (1917)

Valentina Frascaroli
Dillo Lombardi
Fernanda Sinimberghi
Director: Riccardo Tolentino
Italian film

Woman and Wife (1918)

Alice Brady (Jane Eyre)
Elliot Dexter (Mr. Rochester
Director: Edwin Jose
(Rochester believes Bertha to be dead until Mason tells him the truth to blackmail him. Bertha eventually drowns and Rochester and Jane marry)

The Orphan of Lowood (1920)

Hungarian Film

Jane Eyre (1921)

Mabel Ballin (Jane Eyre)
Norman Trevor (Mr. Rochester)
Director: Hugo Ballin

Die Waise Von Lowood (1926)

Evelyn Holt (Jane Eyre)
Olaf Fonss (Mr. Rochester)
Director: Kurt Bernhardt
German film

Jane Eyre (1933)

Jane Eyre (1934)

Virginia Bruce
Colin Clive
Director: Christy Cabanne
Screenplay by Adele Comandini
First talkie version
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Jane Eyre: A Drama of Passion (1936)

Curigwen Lewis

Jane Eyre (1939)

Flora Campbell
Dennis Hoey

Jane Eyre (1944)

Joan Fontaine
Orson Welles
Director: Robert Stevenson
Screenplay by John Houseman, Aldous Huxley, Henry Koster and Robert Stevenson
Ethel Griffies, plays Grace Poole in this version as well as in the earlier 1934 version.
During a scene in Jane Eyre in which Orson Welles was to be burned to death, he hollered to his co-star Joan Fontaine, "I now know what Joan of Arc endured!"
"Keep your spirits up," she called back. "We'll let you know if we smell burning ham!"

Jane Eyre (1946)

Mary Mackenzie
Anthony Hawtrey

Jane Eyre (1948)

Barbara Mullen
Reginald Tate

Jane Eyre (1949)

Mary Sinclair
Charlton Heston
Aired on "Studio One"- an American drama anthology program. Mary Sinclair also played Cathy, with Charlton Heston as Heathcliff in a "Studio One" production of "Wuthering Heights".
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Jane Eyre (1951)

Kathleen Crowley
John Baragrey
For Kraft Television Theatre

Jane Eyre (1952)

Katharine Bard
Kevin McCarthy
Another "Studio One" production with a similar script and setting to the previous version.

Sangdil (1952)

Dilip Kumar
Director: R.C. Talwar
Hindi film

Jane Eyre (1953)

Jan Sherwood Screenplay by Jay Bennett
for Monodrama Theater
"Reader's theater" with the actor(s) reading their lines in front of a black curtain, with musical cues.

Jane Eyre (1955)

Brazilian tv serial

Jane Eyre (1956)

Daphne Slater
Stanley Baker
Barbara Everest (Mrs. Fairfax)
Jane Hardie (Blanche Ingram)
Jane Henderson (Grace Poole)
Eric Lander (St. John Rivers)
Valerie Smith (Adele)
Jennifer Wright (Mary Rivers)
Director: Campbell Logan
Screenplay by Constance Cox and Ian Dallas

Mei Gu (1956)

Lin Dai
Chun Yen
Han Hsiang Li
Director: Chun Yen
Adaptation from Hong Kong in Mandarin

Jane Eyre (1957)

Joan Elam
Patrick MacNee
For Matinee Theatre
Director: Lamont Johnson
Screenplay by Robert Esson

Jane Eyre (1957)

Ilaria Occhini
Raf Vallone
Margherita Bagni
Matteo Spinola
An Italian mini-series in 5 parts
Director: Anton Giulio Majano
Adaptation by Franca Cancogni
All episodes on youtube, first episode here

Jane Eyre (1958)

Mia Goossen
Rob de Vries
Martine Crefcour
Hetty Beck
Director: Peter Hoen
Adaptation from the Netherlands

Hatha Al Rajol Ohebboh (1958)

Yehia Chahine
Director: Kamal Attia

Jane Eyre (1961)

Sally Ann Howes
Zachary Scott
Laurie Main (St. John Rivers)
Bibi Osterwald (Grace Poole)
Barbara Robbins (Mrs. Fairfax)
Fritz Weaver (Mason)
Director: Marc Daniels
Screenplay by Michael Dyne
For "Family Classics"
The Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research has a copy of the program in their archives. source
Also viewable at the Paley Center in Los Angeles and New York

Jane Eyre (1963)

Ann Bell
Richard Leech
Director: Rex Tucker
Screenplay by Constance Cox

El Secreto (1963)

Magda Guzman
Jose Gálvez
Aurora Cortes
Director: Jesus Valero
Screenplay by Raul Zenteno
Mexican soap opera

“Jane Eyre” (1968)

Hristinia Sylva
Manos Katrakis
Director: Yiorgos Lois
Greek adaptation

Jane Eyre (1970)

Susannah York
George C. Scott
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Jana Eyrová (1972)

Marta Vancurová
Jan Kačer
Director: Vera Jordánová
A miniseries shown in 4 parts in the CSSR

Novela - Jane Eyre (1971)

Maria Luisa Merlo
Rafael Arcos
Part of the Spanish TV series "Novela"
Watch episodes here

Jane Eyre (1973)

Sorcha Cusack
Michael Jayston
Director: Joan Craft
Screenplay by Robin Chapman
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Ardiente Secreto (1978)

Daniela Romo (Mariana)
Joaquin Cordero (Eduardo)
Lorena Velazquez
Virginia Manzano
Dolores Tinoco
Patricia Tanus (Adela)
Ada Carrasco
Eduardo Linan
Erika Carrasco (Mariana-as a child)
20 part serial shown in Mexico
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Jane Eyre (1983)

Zelah Clarke
Timothy Dalton
Director: Julian Amyes
Screenplay by Alexander Baron

Jane Eyre (1996)

Charlotte Gainsbourg
William Hurt
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Screenplay by Hugh Whitemore and Franco Zeffirelli

Jane Eyre (1997)

Samantha Morton
Ciaran Hinds
Director: Robert Young
Screenplay by Richard Hawley, Kay Mellor and Peter Wright

Jane Eyre (2006)

Ruth Wilson
Toby Stephens
Director: Susanna White
Screenplay by Sandy Welch

Kula Kumariya (2007)

Ravindra Randeniya
Anarkalli Aakarsha
G.R. Perera
Director: Bermin Lylie Fernando
Adaptation in Sri Lanka

Jane Eyre (2011)

Mia Wasikowska
Michael Fassbender
Jamie Bell
Judi Dench
Director: Cary Fukunaga
Screenplay by Moira Buffini
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The Autobiography of Jane Eyre (2013-14)

Alysson Hall
Adam J. Wright
Lucas Hall
Alissa Hansen
This is a modernized adaptation set as a youtube vlog series
Series Website